Maldives (eastern)                    Jan-Mar

Philippines (Leyte/Donsol)        Mar/Apr

Honduras (Utila)                       Mar/Apr

Belize (Placencia)                     Apr/May

Australia (Ningaloo)                  May/Jun

Ecuador (Galapagos)               Jun-Nov

Mexico (Holbox)                        Jun-Aug

Maldives (western)                   Jun-Nov

Indonesia(Cenderawasih Bay) Jun-Nov

Mexico (Socorro)                      Nov/Dec

Mozambique (Bazaruto)           Nov-Feb

Mozambique (southern)           May/Jun (year round)

Let our Experience be your Guide

Cavern Diving Photo

Cavern Diving Photo

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Sipadan Water Village

Personal service, detailed architecture and beautiful ocean views are all part of the package with this over-water dive resort. You may not know this, but Sipadan is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Critters, reefs, pelagics, barracuda tornadoes… SWV has it all. You’ll love how the divemasters at Sipadan Water Village care about the environment and how they pride themselves in being able to give their guests an appreciation for the ecology of the reef. Click here for more info on Sipadan Water Village. 



Papua New Guinea’s idea of a water taxi at Tufi @tufidive #travel #travelphotography #culture #water #adventure #exploring #tourism #tufiexperience (at Tufi)

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Travel to Papua New Guinea to learn what it really means to step back in time where the worries of the world fade and the magic of nature unfolds.

Located on a volcanic bluff overlooking the clear protected waters of Milne Bay, Tawali offers travelers a unique location to dive, relax and enjoy the unspoiled wonders of this magnificent part of the world.

The diving from Tawali resort is both amazing and convenient. By the end of your trip you’ll be able to look at your log book and check off one of everything. You’ll see beautiful clams and turtles and other residents of the reef, mantas that skim underwater walls, drop-offs that are visited by hammerhead sharks, shallow rubble dives with octopus and cleaning stations, large Gorgonians and tiny pigmy seahorses. The list goes on.

Book at trip to Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea and stay in deluxe accommodations. Balcony and ocean view rooms are available at Tawali Resort. All meals and snacks on the dive boat are included. Your time underwater will include daily boat dives and shore dives on the house reef. Tanks, weights, round trip transfers, reef, chamber fees and fuel surcharges are also included. Packages start from $2,230 USD per person. Rate is based on double occupancy. For more information, call (800)794-9767 or email png@reefrainforest.com.

Expires June 30, 2013. Click here for details


Diving with a special buddy can be a bonding experience and in this traditional month for romance Reef & Rainforest would like to help you get that experience with someone exceptional. Whether you are planning a wedding or looking to meet people with similar interests (like diving!), we have some great destinations to explore. Book a trip as a Valentine’s present, plan to pop the question or create an enchanting honeymoon with our new registry.

Fall for French Polynesia

Luxury accommodations + spectacular diving = True Love Always. Fall for French Polynesia at Kia Ora Resort & Spa where the white sandy beach and the turquoise lagoon make a perfect pairing for divers who want a stylish villa after drift diving all day. See the Kia Ora Valentine’s special on our website.

Honeymoon Registry for Scuba Diving Travel

Just like a traditional wedding registry, Reef & Rainforest offers a way to register for your honeymoon trip. Instead of another blender, get something you really want, like a dolphin encounter or a whale watching trip. Tell your wedding guests you don’t need more things. What you really want are experiences. We will create a handmade itinerary just for you full of romance and adventure. Please call for more information. We’d love to start helping you plan your honeymoon.

Romance for Couples

St Lucia - Anse Chastanet

Plan a destination wedding in a tropical paradise. Take your vows overlooking the Caribbean sea, at the base of a sparkling waterfall, on a historic plantation or onboard a yacht or even underwater!
Wedding packages start at $995.00 for ceremony, decoration and flowers
Diving packages start at $2119.00 per person with accommodation, meals, welcome drink, fruit basket, transfers and 12 boat or beach dives.

Most Romantic Resort in Fiji

In an idyllic South Pacific setting, that is as refreshing as it is charming, Matangi Island Resort offers the real essence of Fiji. A island paradise setting, exotic island cuisine, a relaxing spa and exceptional scuba diving are all found here at Matangi Island Resort. With this special you can stay 7 nights and pay for 5 AND get a free room upgrade.

From our hearts to yours, Happy Valentines Day!

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Did you know that giant Pacific octopuses get “attached” to their aquarists—in a good way? These intelligent animals recognize our staff and may even embrace them after a long absence.


Did you know that giant Pacific octopuses get “attached” to their aquarists—in a good way? These intelligent animals recognize our staff and may even embrace them after a long absence.

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Lord Howe Island

We have several volunteer abroad trips for travelers who want to “do something good” while they experience new destinations. Check out these unique opportunities.

Lord Howe Island Volunteer Trip. Underwater survey data collection helps the marine park.

Reef Protection Volunteer Trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Join community volunteers with local conservation efforts.

Reef Protection Volunteer Trip to Orpheus Island, Australia. Become a coral reef surveyor with Reef Check to help their sustainability efforts.


There is a cool new trend in scuba diving. Some call it Glow Diving, some call it Fluro Diving, we call it really trippy glow-in-the-dark coral reefs. Even critters like shrimp and lizard fish glow too.

“Black lights” aren’t just for dance clubs and Halloween parties; several innovative scuba diving operators are taking them on night dives. Using a blue flashlight underwater on a night dive, the corals and anemones glow bright green. Lizardfish and Spearer Mantis Shrimp have fluorescent patches. Hermit Crabs and Seagrass take on a different color.

Fluorescence underwater is a fairly new discovery and much is still unknown about what creatures fluoresce and why they do it. Some scientist theorize that the fluorescent proteins are acting as a sunscreen, some think it’s part of the photosynthesis process. Another theory is that it’s some sort of beacon the corals use to signal each other. Whatever the reason, we’d like to invite you to “become one with the universe” and see how the reef can blow your mind with mesmerizing patterns and psychedelic colors at these dive locations.


Grand Cayman, Caribbean: Compass Point
Every Thursday night Ocean Frontiers takes divers out  for their very special Glow Dive. You’ll dig it, man. They include Ultra Violet LED flashlights, muffins and hot chocolate and unlimited bottom time.

Grenada, Caribbean: True Blue Bay Resort
The FLUORESCENCE dives with Aquanauts Grenada can be done either from shore or a boat. Normally $95 (boat) and $75 (shore), Reef & Rainforest customers can take a Fluro dives for only $30. Act fast, this deal expires February 29, 2012. (katie, I made that date up. Is that ok?)

Bonaire, Caribbean: Buddy Dive Resort
Buddy Dive is now offering this amazing experience on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings. Creatures that you were never aware of before will captivate, amaze and delight you.

Dumaguete/Puerto Galera, Philippines: Atlantis Dive Resorts and Liveaboards
See the Corals and anemones stand out in neon colors when you’re visit the Philippines on a Fluro Night Dive. If you book your stay at either Atlantis resort by February 15, 2012  you’ll get your Fluorescence dive for FREE!


Reef & Rainforest is a travel agency for active travelling divers. With a longstanding reputation as a top dive travel wholesaler, Reef & Rainforest has been specializing in planning exotic diving vacations for more than fifteen years. For more information on how they send you on a “trippy” night dive or any other diving vacation, visit www.reefrainforest.com, email scubatravel@reefrainforest.com or call 800-794-9767.