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2011 Cocos Andy Sallmon Hammerhead on Flickr.

"Well, the weather topside is still less than ideal, with pouring rain and strong winds, but the seas have been calm on the south and east sides of Isla del Coco, allowing us to dive some of the classic Cocos sites - Alcyone, Submerged Rock, and Lobster Rock. We have been treated to plenty of hammerhead action, though not as many busy cleaning stations as at Manuelita - strange! We’ve also had plenty of other neat stuff to see and shoot - including a showy, displaying octopus perfectly posed on top of a rock, and pretty red-lipped batfish. I have saved the best for last, however - on one of my safety stops, I got buzzed by a marlin!" - Andy Sallmon


2011 Cocos Andy Sallmon Hammerhead shark on Flickr.

"We’ve just arrived at Cocos Island, and the weather topside is blustery and rainy…but who cares? We have already been treated to some amazing pelagic action! Our first dive, at Coral Gardens, was intended to be a low-key checkout dive. I guess the scalloped hammerheads didn’t get the memo, however- we saw half a dozen of them getting cleaned minutes into our dive…and that’s not all. We saw eagle rays and busy hammerhead cleaning stations on all three sites we dove today. One of our divemasters even reported seeing a tiger shark in Manuelita Channel! This week could shape up to be one for the books…stay tuned!" - Andy Sallmon