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There is a cool new trend in scuba diving. Some call it Glow Diving, some call it Fluro Diving, we call it really trippy glow-in-the-dark coral reefs. Even critters like shrimp and lizard fish glow too.

“Black lights” aren’t just for dance clubs and Halloween parties; several innovative scuba diving operators are taking them on night dives. Using a blue flashlight underwater on a night dive, the corals and anemones glow bright green. Lizardfish and Spearer Mantis Shrimp have fluorescent patches. Hermit Crabs and Seagrass take on a different color.

Fluorescence underwater is a fairly new discovery and much is still unknown about what creatures fluoresce and why they do it. Some scientist theorize that the fluorescent proteins are acting as a sunscreen, some think it’s part of the photosynthesis process. Another theory is that it’s some sort of beacon the corals use to signal each other. Whatever the reason, we’d like to invite you to “become one with the universe” and see how the reef can blow your mind with mesmerizing patterns and psychedelic colors at these dive locations.


Grand Cayman, Caribbean: Compass Point
Every Thursday night Ocean Frontiers takes divers out  for their very special Glow Dive. You’ll dig it, man. They include Ultra Violet LED flashlights, muffins and hot chocolate and unlimited bottom time.

Grenada, Caribbean: True Blue Bay Resort
The FLUORESCENCE dives with Aquanauts Grenada can be done either from shore or a boat. Normally $95 (boat) and $75 (shore), Reef & Rainforest customers can take a Fluro dives for only $30. Act fast, this deal expires February 29, 2012. (katie, I made that date up. Is that ok?)

Bonaire, Caribbean: Buddy Dive Resort
Buddy Dive is now offering this amazing experience on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings. Creatures that you were never aware of before will captivate, amaze and delight you.

Dumaguete/Puerto Galera, Philippines: Atlantis Dive Resorts and Liveaboards
See the Corals and anemones stand out in neon colors when you’re visit the Philippines on a Fluro Night Dive. If you book your stay at either Atlantis resort by February 15, 2012  you’ll get your Fluorescence dive for FREE!


Reef & Rainforest is a travel agency for active travelling divers. With a longstanding reputation as a top dive travel wholesaler, Reef & Rainforest has been specializing in planning exotic diving vacations for more than fifteen years. For more information on how they send you on a “trippy” night dive or any other diving vacation, visit, email or call 800-794-9767.


Last Minute FIJI Deal on Flickr.

August and September Deals available.

Beqa Lagoon Resort in Fiji:: Hot Last Minute Deals In the heart of the South Pacific, beneath Southern skies, lies the island paradise of Fiji. If you travel to recreate, enjoy fine food, if you are looking for romance, or simply want to relax in a tropical paradise, Beqa Lagoon Resort is what you’re looking for.

$1999 per person

7 Night Air Inclusive Dive Pkg

Available for weeks of:

Aug 13-20, Aug 27-Sep 3, Sep 10-17

round trip non stop air LAX-FIJI
round trip ground and boat transfers to Beqa
7 nights in a deluxe, air-conditioned Fijian bure
3 gourmet meals daily
5 two-tank boat dive days and unlimited shore diving
BONUS - night boat dive
hotel taxes

* pricing is per person, single or double occupancy. Valid only for the weeks listed above and subject to availability while supplies last. Package does not include beverages or hotel day rooms for last day lay over in Nadi (approx $65USD). Air tax and air fuel surcharge is additional and is currently $421 per person. New bookings only please!
Other restrictions may apply.

H2Ho: 15 feb 2011 Wolf Island


Wolf Island

On the second dive we saw everything we saw on the first dive and more. Giant spotted eagle ray, hammer heads galore, turtles galore, eels every where, turtles by the dozen. During the safety stop Susan and I saw a Galapagos shark under the boat. Oh and sea lions! Swimming and interacting…

Source: julieofthesea

Villa View

Wakatobi is an exotic resort made for divers. Nestled in the Banda Sea, the remote location offers highend lodging not typical of other diving resorts. Divers can stay in the Garden Bungalows just steps away from the beach. The Standard Beach and Select Beach Bungalows offer cool ocean breezes and tropical island views. When I stayed there in November of 2009, I enjoyed staying at the Wakatobi Villa.

The villas at Wakatobi made it very hard to leave in the morning to go diving. I would have been happy living the life of a lazy island girl on my villa porch. The staff regularly checked on me to see how I was doing or to bring me snacks. I loved eating the local treats, but it was nice to find a Diet Coke in the fridge.

Villa Snack

That would have been enough, but to add world class diving… it was truly a diver’s paradise. The staff made getting into my scuba equipment as easy as falling off the boat. I was travelling with a group of serious underwater photographers. It was impressive to see how the staff accommodated the extra equipment and needs of the photographers. Scuba diving with Backscatter Photo group I quickly became accustom to being the model and seeing my reflection in their giant dome ports.

If you went to the San Jose Dive show in 2010, and saw the poster, you’ll notice that’s me at Wakatobi! 

Julie Clarke
Chief of Operations at Reef & Rainforest Dive & Adventure Travel


I stumbled into the scuba diving industry after making friends with my scuba instructor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They owned the dive shop and wanted to sell it. I bought the shop from them and ran the shop for seven years. Wanting to stay in the scuba industry, but not stay in Oklahoma, I found a job at Divers Alert Network in North Carolina. I worked there for seven years wearing many hats. One of those hats was managing the trade shows. After working in the trade shows for several years I made many friends. One of them is Jenny Collister, owner of Reef & Rainforest. She is an expert in diving travel and exotic scuba trips. Now I’m part of the Reef & Rainforest team. I’ve learned about exotic diving destinations from the best.

We strive to make every scuba vacation as easy as a drift dive in a gentle current. We can accommodate beginner divers just getting certified or seasoned technical divers. Many scuba divers are drawn to livaboard diving trips. This is where you eat, sleep and dive. We specialize in the most pristine diving locations in the world. Our staff can share personal insight to the destinations, because they’ve been there.

My foot in Indonesia, November 2009 

Let our experience be your guide. —Julie